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"Project Black" Maschine Expansion Pack

Project Black is brand-new Maschine expansion pack called that makes it really simple for you to instantly make your productions sound more professional. 

Retail Value: $49, get yours today for just $5.60
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Why Get Project Black?
  • Save money: I'm giving you $49 worth of drums for the low-low. You won't find a better deal on the net. 
  • Make your productions more sound unique: These sounds were created using our proprietary process that layers samples from vintage drum Maschine's with organic found sounds from real-world environments.  
  • Get a professional sound instantly: These sounds have been engineered using unique recording methods and world-class gear to sound crisp, polished, and perfect.
  • Get Instant creative inspiration: These sounds are awesome, it's pretty much guaranteed that every time you load these up, something good is gonna come out.  
  • Quicken your workflow: These kits are in a Maschine format, so you’ll have exactly what you need - right at your fingertips.
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