"Want to Learn How to Instantly Make Your Productions on Maschine Sound More Professional?"
Well then, it's time you started to get serious about the drum sounds you're using in your productions....
Dear Maschine Producer,
Do you want to learn the quickest and (by far) the easiest way to instantly make your productions on Machine sound more professional?

Well then, it's time you started to get serious about using better drum sounds in your productions. 

Free drum kits and Maschine’s stock sounds aren't gonna cut it if you want to make creative, unique, and professional sounding productions on Maschine...
  •    They make you sound unprofessional: Your kicks don't hit like they're supposed to, sounds are out of phase, ghost notes under your drums kicks, etc.
  •    You sound like everyone else: You can't distinguish yourself from the masses when everyone is using the the same sounds that you are.
  •    You kill your workflow: Searching through hundreds of mediocre sounds makes it impossible to work quickly and efficiently.
  •    You kill your creativity: Because your workflow is so slow, it becomes impossible to get your creative ideas out of your head and into Maschine. 
You’re not going to be able to make professional beats until you get some professional sounds. 

So, if you’re serious about improving your sound as a producer, let me show you how.
Until you get some professional sounds, you will never make professional beats...
I've put together a brand-new Maschine expansion pack called "Project Black". Project Black makes it really simple for you to instantly make your productions sound more professional. 

I've managed to work out a deal with a very talented Sound designer. Sound designers are audio engineers that specialize in building the sounds that producers use in their music (in this case drum sounds).

His sounds are my new secret weapons. I want to give you access to the high-quality sounds he builds. Here's why these sounds are so awesome... 
  • Project Black will save you money: I'm giving you $39 worth of drums for the low-low. You won't find a better deal on the net. 
  • Project Black will make your productions more sound unique: These sounds were created using our proprietary process that layers samples from vintage drum Maschine's with organic found sounds from real-world environments.  
  •  Project Black will give you a professional sound instantly: These sounds have been engineered using unique recording methods and world-class gear to sound crisp, polished, and perfect.
  • Project Black will give you instant creative inspiration: These sounds are awesome, it's pretty much guaranteed that every time you load these up, something good is gonna come out.  
  • Project Black will quicken your workflow: These kits are in a Maschine format, so you’ll have exactly what you need - right at your fingertips.
But here's the catch...
If the public knew they could get this deal from me, they wouldn't buy his sounds from anywhere else. So he's not allowing me to give this deal to everyone.

However, I'm gonna make this deal available to you right now because you're new to my Maschine community over on YouTube. 

But here's the catch... Bishop will force me to take this offer down. So this deal will go away sometime soon. So make sure to thoroughly evaluate this opportunity.
Listen to how awesome these sounds are...
Project Black:
Warm, distorted, saturated sound - taken from random found sounds in an abandoned job site: tools, chains, metal pieces, rusty clanks.

Sounds inspired by artists like: Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Drake, Future, Travis Scott, etc.

16 808's and bass samples
12 kicks
22 snares
19 percussion and hits
14 hi-hats and cymbals
14 hi-hat and cymbal loop
16 loops
Total Value: $49 
This beat was made using Maschine and sounds from 'Project Black'
I'm also hooking you up with this bonus
In order to make this an even sweeter deal for you today, I'm going to hook you up with my "Drums on Maschine 101" video lesson. 

If you're a beginner to making beats on Maschine, this 35 minute video lesson will teach you the fundamentals of using drums on Maschine. 

1. How to import the Project Black library on Maschine
2. How to create a custom drum groove from scratch 
3. How to build your own custom drum kits
4. How to tag your drum sounds for quick access in the future

This video lesson will make sure that learn everything you need to know to really make the most out of these awesome sounds I'm hooking you up with. Sounds awesome right? 
No Risk, 30-Day Guarantee
I'm also backing you up with my 30 day guarantee. I guarantee that by buying these sounds today, you're going to dramatically improve the sound of your productions on Maschine. 

Plain and simply, your drums will be more powerful, more punchy, weighty and professional. 

Take 30 days to test the sounds out. And if these sounds don't deliver on that promise, keep the sounds and I'll also promptly refund your money back. 
When you add the retail value of this package, it would typically sell for $49, but I'm gonna hook you up with a deal today... 

Today I'm going to hook you up with an awesome deal of $43 off of the retail value of this package.

By ordering now you're only going to pay one payment $5.60!

Click that green button below, enter your payment details on the next page and you'll be up and running with this Project Black package in just a few minutes. 
Click here to finally get pro-quality drums on Maschine
Remember, investing in quality sounds is the only way to quickly and easily get the sound of your favorite producers. 

Take advantage while you can. Once you leave this page, it will not be available to you ever again.

Talk to you later, 

Common Questions...
Why is this Project Black package so cheap? 
You’re probably wondering why I’m selling this so cheaply. I’m selling this Project Black package for $5.60 to build my name in this Maschine community. And the best way to do it is to get this in the hands of as many Maschine producers as possible. 
Is this only for Maschine producers?
Yes, this "Project Black" package is strictly for producers who use Native Instruments Maschine (any version). The drums sounds themselves are in a Maschine format.
After I pay, what happens?
After you enter in your credit card information, and you transaction goes through. You'll be given a download link to access your drum library and you'll be given a link to watch your "Drums on Maschine 101" bonus video.  
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