"Discover How I Make Album-Quality Beats on Maschine, Without Ever Setting Foot In An Expensive Recording Studio, Without Owning Pro Tools, Or Even Owning Studio Monitors."
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"For Just $1, You Can Learn How To Use Maschine in The Ways That Professionals Do..."
II'll show you how to develop a lightning-fast creative workflow on Maschine for just $1
What if I told you that I could show you how you to develop a lightning-fast creative workflow on Maschine, even if you currently struggle with the basics…

Think about it. 

What if in every production situation you knew exactly which button to press, which knob to twist, which effect to whip out in order to achieve that pro sound that you want on Maschine?

How valuable it would be for you to be able to use Maschine in the ways that professionals do?

What if you had the skills to take beats from beginning-to-end using only your Maschine, without even having to think about what to do next.

How is this possible?

Well, I’ve created a ground-breaking new guide that will develop your skills to the point where Maschine just gets out of your way. 

So that you can focus on just being creative with your music. 
You’re Going to Start Seeing Results Like This...
* Bang out more creative beats much faster and more efficiently - because you’ll have a complete understanding of the inner workings of Maschine’s hardware and software

*  Make more polished sounding beats due to a dramatic improvement in your understanding of how to use FX creatively within your music

* Be more creative because your Maschine workflow is effortless and automatic.

* Drastic cut in your learning curve; learn more in a few hours of easy reading than you have in the months since you bought Maschine.

* Have more fun while making beats because the beat making process will no longer be confusing
For the price of a bag of chips, you can learn how to develop a lightning-fast creative workflow on your Maschine...
Who Am I? Why Should You Listen To Me? 
What’s up! My name is Rob, and I’m the creator of the Beat Bible. 

Back in 2011, everything changed for me when a good buddy of mine got a gig as engineering intern at a studio here in St. Louis.

Every night I was able to hang out in the studio with him and the producers. I was able to look over their shoulder and watch them work.

Things started to click for me.

I finally was able to see first-hand the strategy, knowledge and techniques, behind how producers and engineers worked together to produce great sounding beats...

No only was I able to see them working, but that summer I was put on to the best resources for out there producers and engineers.

I was shown the best books to read, best magazines to follow, cool blogs to follow, necessary online courses to take.

I was focusing full time on learning from other talented producers, reading books and taking music courses, and practicing for hours everyday.

And after a while, the picture became crystal clear for me.

I noticed that every technique that I was learning revolved around a set of 5 core pillars of production. 

These 5 pillars gave me a structured step-by-step process that I could use to consistently make great beats with Maschine.

The Beat Bible gives you access to the same 5 concepts and techniques that were responsible for a huge breakthrough in my skills on Maschine and the improvement of my sound.

Once your mind is unlocked to the information in the Beat Bible, it will allow you to get the same dramatic improvement with your workflow on Maschine.

Literally, thousands of Maschine producers just like you have already used this guide to make dramatic improvements in their understanding of Maschine and the speed of their workflow.

And don’t take my word for it. listen to what some of my students have to say about the Beat Bible…
It took a while, but once I was given the blueprint, my mind unlocked and making and mixing hip-hop beats on Maschine finally made sense...
Why Do People Love This Book?
"I remember at the beginning of the book you were saying that you wanted us to understand Maschine so that it just gets out of the way and you just start creating…. And that's the way I am right now. I just basically plug in Maschine and I just start going to town. I don't even think about what I'm gonna push next... I just start thinking creatively on what I wanna do."

Jay DeMercado 

Jay (aka DJ Chosen 1) is a producer and DJ from Atlanta, GA. 
Click here to listen to his music: https://soundcloud.com/djchosen1
"I'm a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music up in Boston. I've learned more valuable information from your book than two years of college. Your videos on Maschine's FX have been so awesome. I wanted to just say thank you for that. Thanks Rob!"

Aaron Ruiz

Aaron is a DJ and producer from Toronto, Canada.
What's Inside of the Beat Bible?
So, how exactly will this guide help you develop a lightning-fast creative workflow? 

Well, let me quickly show you a sneak peak of what you’re going to learn when you sign up and get this guide...

Ch. #1: Maschine Workflow - Finally being able to sit down with your Maschine and instead of fumbling with the controls, you now have complete and total command over ALL of the functions and features of Maschine’s hardware and software.

Ch. #2: Sampling With Maschine - being able to listen to music and instantly know what is sample worthy and what isn’t and then how to flip it into a creative beat.

Ch. #3: Building Drum Grooves - Finally gaining the knowledge that you need to start making drums that groove properly and KNOCK.

Ch. #4: Arrangement/Building - Being able to take your music from incomplete beat ideas and build them into a actually finished songs that hold your listener's attention.

Ch. #5: Mixing With Maschine - Gain complete control over the quality of your mixes because you’ll understand exactly what FX do to your audio signal and how to use them creatively in your beats.

In total, this guide is 87 pages. It's filled with hard-hitting techniques from beginning to end. It's a pretty short read, and should only take you around 5 hours to read.. 
How much greater could you be musically if you had production mentor by your side showing you step-by-step how to make album-quality beats on Maschine?
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So that really makes this a no brainer for you to take advantage of. For just $1 you can develop a lightning-fast creative workflow on Maschine. 

Why am I doing this? Because my best customers come from my book, and I want this in as many hands as humanly possible. 

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It's a No Brainer, Take Advantage of This Deal Now...
Step #1: Click the button below

Once you click on that button you’ll be taken to the signup page.

Step #2: Enter your name, credit card, and contact information information.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be given a link to download the Beat Bible where you can then take it and put it on any device that you’d like.

But just a quick word of caution.

Remember, your lack of skills with Maschine is the one thing that’s holding you back from being able to work quickly and creatively on Maschine.

You don’t want to see other producers drastically improving their workflow while you’re standing still, stuck in the same place months or years from now.

So go ahead and grab your copy the Beat Bible, and learn the strategies that the best pro producers are using to effortlessly make unique sounding and creative music with Maschine.
Questions (FAQ)?
Why does this only cost one dollar? 
Because my best customers come from reading my book. And I want to get this book in the hands of as many people as humanly possible. 
What version of Maschine do I need?
Whether you have an Maschine Studio, MK1, MK2, or a Maschine Mikro, all lessons taught in this course will be applicable to your version of Maschine. The concepts in this course taught using Maschine 2 software and above 
After I pay, what happens?
After you enter in your credit card information, and you transaction goes through. You'll be taken to a page to choose your login information. Once you choose your login information, you'll be given instant access to the download your copy of the book.
How is this book better than anything else out there?
This is the only book available for Maschine producers. It's unique because it teaches you how to maximize Maschine's complete start-to-finish workflow. The second major difference is that the focus of this book is on teaching you to make hip-hop beats. 
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